Bradley's Chocolate Truffle Recipes

Decadent Dark Chocolate Recipe

8 oz chopped dark chocolate 60% Cocoa or Higher

8 oz Heavy Cream

Cocoa Powder, Coconut, chopped nuts or other items to coat truffles

Place chopped chocolate in a heat proof bowl. Bring Heavy cream to a boil and immediately remove from heat and pour over chocolate. Let sit for three to 4 minutes. Gently stir to combine ingredients until smooth. Place in refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours.

One mixture has hardened but is pliable roll into balls and roll in cocoa powder or other ingredient of choice.Serve immediately or refrigerate. until you are ready to serve. 

For Milk Chocolate Truffles

     -Reduce the amount of cream to 4 oz.

For White Chocolate Truffles

     -Reduce cream to 2 oz.

For Espresso Truffles

     -Add 1 Tbsp of Instant Espresso Powder to chocolate before cream is added

For a Liquor truffle

     -reduce amount of cream 2 oz and add 1 oz of the spirit of your choice


Feel free to add chopped nuts, fruit or other ingredients to your truffle mixture before you refrigerate to harden. Consider the basic recipe a blank canvas for your taste buds!


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